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Spiritual Collective reading for 7/26/21 from Maggie

What is a good thing to meditate on at the moment?

Cards, coyote, wasp, electric eel. lenormand card 22, native spirit oracle deck Call or the wild, mohyerpeace tarot deck three od discs reversed

You are at a crossroads of just being fed up about some disharmmony type vibes in general. At this point in time, please, do your best to keep as positive a mindset as you can cuz that can do wonders! You might want to consider trying something new to the best of your ability as that can also work wonders! Even if it is something as simple as a sleep schedule change or something of that level of simplicity. Changing the kind of coffee you have in the morning or something. It does not have to be anything major but just a little bit can work winders for mindset shift sometimes. Do yyour best to keep your attitude positive as you can at this time! Hugs to you!

Friendly reminder! any decks I use, pleaes just get them from amazons main site and not through any individual seller anywehere! thanks in advance for your understanding! This announcement helps to prevent spam!


My stance on wishing to be unvaccinated will never shift due to health sensitivity isues. That is a persons personal choice. Politically, I am independent. I still need to fully re register and will do so at some point soon as i can but, I am politically independent. I am neither right nor left. Just for folks who might need some clarification in that. I am not America First, either. Due to my personal situation about my decision with the health issues though, it has been an important decision for me to make for myself. However, it has not been a swift decision about that. It has been a few years in the making of this decision.

I am not on social media in any way and I am not a part of anyone else's in any way. I have no sister, annex or affiliate social media pages or people anywhere on any platform or through any person. I have no sister, annex or affiliate readers anywhere or through any person. I cannot be booked for anythinng through anywhere or any person. I have no services or products available through anywher or any person. I am not on youtube or patreon in any way and I am not a part of anyone else's in any way. I have no sister, annex or affiliate channels or people anywhere or through any person. Yes, I do all the readings on here and on my blog Esoteric Thouhgts from Maggie on blogger. No, I do not do readings anywhere else or through anyone else. I do not do readings upon request or professionally due to wiccan ethics and I do not endorse anyone who does either professionally or otherwise. I am working at getting an email contact to give to folks as a contact that is not gmail and that should happen later today at some point so stay tuned on here only for that, I will say that the only other way to contact me is through the contact info that i frequetntly give on here. My preferred email is always maggieh783@gmail.com. The h stands for Maggie Honey cuz that is my google account name and it does not stand for anything other than that. I have no sister, annex or affiliate emails or google account and I am not a part of anything other than what I frequently say. I always have been, always will be and am the only admin, author and content creator of all my blogs, emails and sites in their entireity and I am not a part of anything other than what i frequently say. I have never had any kind of any spokesperson! No one has ever had any permission to speak for me in any way!

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