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Spiritual collective reading

After lighting the candle for Archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards and runes I pulled for the spiritual collective

You are coming in to a time when you need to be cautious about literally how you say and word just about everythin. But, you are finding your ways to maneuver around that. Especially, it is gonna be tricky as hell for any kind of music. I am goiing through that. Working at learning some jazz style chord progressions and voicings as a part of daily routine now so....yeah, it might be sooner rather than later for some music portfolio samples for that. Improvisation type stuff. Especially with instrumental jazz, that will be quite doable for me possibly sooner raather than later. Starting up regular voice warm ups daily each morning starting this week as well. For music, that is much more of a must than most even begin to think about. and the absolute core and heart of it, in general. Th center. I will let folks know on here only when that might be but I have not shared music portfolio stuff anywhere yet. I will also be focusing a lot more on runes in magic as well sense they seem to be a safe route to go. Don't be discouraged or saddened by some over emotional seeming energy. Realize that endurance to this type of thing also takes patience to build within yourself,the stamina. You got this! I decided to pull extra runes today for this just cuz of the energy. I will do a bit more later today on here only. Possibly a video if I can get that function working again. Oh....Mercury retrograde. Sometimes though, the brek is much needed to replenish energy in general.


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