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Some thoughts on Marie Laveau's Birthday by Maggie

I know it's not her birthday quite yet but I have some health things coming up on that day. Good thoughts for my health are appreciated. It is further eye tests prior to my eye surgery.

I honor Marie Laveau on a regular basis. Since this country is being so sensitive about any race issues I have been hesitant to mention anything about her birthday so I wouldn't be accused of appropriating her culture. I am white. I do want to wish her a Happy Birthday though for September 10. I'm bringing this up now so to let others know in case they want to as well. I am going to m ake her a Coca Cola cake. It is a very Southern thing and I expect she would love it. It is one of the things that I truly loved to eat in the South, having lived there for 20 yrs. I am not a drinker or smoker but will be getting a cigar for her. Any cigarettes or cigars I get for spiritual issues are burned like incense. I will never show any of my personal altar spaces online.

I do need to stress that the emails I give to in this blog are my only emails. No one has permission to speak for me in every way. I will be checking them very soon.


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