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Some music notes and musings in personal astrology

Music is in my chat a lot. It is really noted though in my venus in aries in my fourth house trine neptune in sagittarius in my first house. That is what shows vcal stuff. I am for sure getting ideas for the "Bite Me, Jagger" idea is huge also cuz he is n open heart surgery survivor as well so yeah, the inspiration has been flooding in. I am starting to read some of Pat Pattison's books. Songwriting : Essential Guide to rhymng is what I am currently working with. I am also gonna get the songwriting essential guide to lyric form and structure by Pat as well. I am a mars in aries in my third house so, I can tend to be spunky at times.

I had written a thing on my blogger about this not too long ago. So, before getting too judgmental about things, you might wanna take a look at that. My moon in sagittarius in my first house conjunct my netptune in sagittarius in my first house which is conjunct my sagittarius ascendant (yes, three planets in sagittarius)is really feeling a bit overwhelmed lately with all the hatred being flung at the unvaccinated. They don't even stop to consider the health sensitivity of some either when they go on their energy flinging. Astrologically as well, I have sensitivities that all point to be being cautious about vaccines in geeral, especially ones that have been proven to be risky in some. The challenge for me in this is to really do my best to be as hush as I can when I really feel like letting out my mars in aries in my third house type stuff. An example is the amouunt of hatred Clapton got for just showing kindness recently. I saw the comments folks left and they were down right disturbing in the hatefulness of the energy.

I would like to please remind musicians of the importance it is to have the live strewam option for as long as you can. It might be starting to be more visible to you recently. Many thankful virtual hugs for having this compassionate choice,if you choose to have it. It is extremely important for those who do not wish to take part in the segretation type of energy in general. Especially for the sake of protecting personal energy in general.

Currently reading and starting to learn about Plosives and Fricatives.

I should have some photo and video up here by tomorrow hopefully. Just a voice video cuz of safety stuff I went talked about in mu blogger at Esoteric Thoughts From Maggie on blogger quite a bit about my reasonings for the need for caution there. It;ll be really nice to start to have the pick a card videos for all y'all on here. (all y'all is plural in southern dialect. :)I can tend to have southern dialect at times, but have never had an accent. Strange that I never got one considering the major amount of time I spent down south.) I have been researching how to do the photo and video on here and it is not as easy as the blogger by a lot, even with photo. I think I can use stuff from my phone but, I need to import it to the computer though to put it on here. I wqas clearing my phone out yesterday big time getting prepared for that so it does not overload it.


What i usually say about myself and this site still stands. My wish to remain unvaccinated will never shift due to health sensitivity issues. That is a persons personal choice. I am not on social media in any way and I am not a prt of anyone else's in any way. I have no sister, annex or affiliate social media pages or people on any platform or through any person. I am not on youtube or patreon in any way and I am not a part of anyone else's in any way. I have no sister, annex or affiliate channels or people anywhere on any platform or through any person. The only way to contact me is through the contact info that Igive on here frequently even thouh I am working at getting the email comtact to provide for folks on here that is not gmail. I will do hat today at some point. My preferred email is always maggieh783@gmail.com. The h stands for Maggie Honey cuz that is my google account and it doesn't mean anything other than that. I always have been, always will be and am the only admin, author and content reator of all my blogs, sites and emails in their entirety and I am not a prt of anything other than what I frequently say. I have never had any kind of spokesperson. No one has ever had any permission to speak for me in any way. I do not have any music portfolio stuff up yet anywhere but, the goal for that is 2022, spring time most likely. I will let folks know on here only when that happens and where to find that. I was able to recover the email. My other email is maggie1099@yahoo.com. That is why I have 1099 in my screen name on here. I have no sister, annex or afiliate emails and I am not a part of anything other than what I frequently say. Since google and gmail are acting as htey have been though, I prefer folks to reach me at my yahoo that I just gave on here cuz to be honest, I am totally avoiding the google cuz of how the censorship vibe got on there anyways so I will very rarely look in there if at all any more. Yes, it was that much of a turn off, the censorship vibe.

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