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Some good energy in general

Just adding some stuff here that I had on my blogger as well. I will add the photos of me as well but not sure if I will add them in this post. That might be a seperate post though. I'll think about it.

This is a photo of my favorite rosary. Since it has been awhile since I left the Catholic church oficially, my preferred rosary is not traditional style exactly.

Since folks are determined to try and portray thse who wish to remain unvaccinated as racist, I thought I would remind folks that I have been a devotee of Marie Laveau for a few years now. This is a part of my Marie Laveau altar. Please, stop trying t say those who wish to remain unvaccinated are racist just because I might not have your view on vaccination.

This is my personal Catholic Bible on a hamsa pillow cuz the hamsa vibe is amazing to slap on any time. I'll add more photos today at some point on here only. I think a part of me has ben hesitant to share much catholic things yet cuz of how Ruth has been, Prior to 2020, I had been having some safety issues from a hacker which is why I am noit on social media. The whole experience forever changed how I will feel about social media not to neglect mentioning thae crap the unvaccinated are going through currently on social media in general. She was also into catolic things b ut was and is far from wiccan in ethics. Long story and I will tell it in more detail today at some time but, it can get emotional to even think about in annoyance. I am doing my best to not give them any type of evergy as it is cuz that type of thing seems to encourage them.


What I usually say about myself and this site still stands. I have no sister, affiliate or annex wix of any kind. I am not on social media in any way and I am not a part of anyone else's in any way. My stance on wishing to remain unvaccinated will nevershift dueto health sensitivity issues. That is a persons personal choice. I have no sister, annex or affiliate social media pages or people anywhere on any platform or through any person. I am onot on youtube or patreon in any way and i am ot a part of anyone else's in any way. I have no sister, annex or affiliate channls or people anywhere on any platform or through any person. I cannot be booked for anything through anywhere or any person. I have never had any kind of any spokesperson. No one has ever had any perission to speak for me in any way. The only way to contact me is through the contact info I give on her frequently. My preferred email is always maggie1099@yahoo.com. That is the amil Iprefer folks to reach me at. I have my other email at maggieh783@gmail.com but, I prefer folks to not reach me there cuz the cebsorship vibe is a lot! to the point that I avoid gmail all together. I always have been, always will be and am the only admin,author and content creator of all my blogs, sites and emails in their entirety. I am not a part of anything other than what I frequently say.

This is my very well loved and frequently used bindrune for protection. Also, interesting to note that some things are getting more difficult to save on the computer possibly due to censorship....But, I will just mention his name rather than putting a prayer card up of him. Thank you to Saint Max Kolbe for the major protective energies in general in may ways, especially lately that some of us have been going through. Max Kolbe was a big one for freedom of press and that type of thing as well. I do have a copy of his writings somewhere (still in some stuff from the move down south that was still in storage but, I'll find it one of these days) . Also, thank you Saint Edith Stein as well. Much love nad many, many, thankful hugs. I light candles for both, frequently.Ceretain things they (big tech) are tryng to majorly censor.I have had proof of this based on observation.

What's really interesting that I also noticed since I starteddoing the voice videos, I have felt that maybe the oe who I was thinking of might get a bit bold and communicate directly, not just astrally. I do not think I was just imagining things about an energetic conection there back when I did have social media and did do voice videos and had current photos of myself in my story. As I said before though, that account got hacked into so I left it as blank as i could and fully abandoned it. Google alerted me of it and I tootally knew who it was who did the hack based on the location it gave. So....time will tell aboiut the hunc on the other stuff but, male witches can be a vibe all are on their own. He probably would not call himself a male witch but, that is the closest type of label I can possibly think of to describe him. Time will tell and spirit will guide fully in timing if things are supposed to happen especially with restrictions and guidelines getting more messed up in general. I will check my yahoo tomorrow and get in the practice of checking it daily. He is one that I am pretty sure I have hit the nail on the head with in accuracy with the pick a cards and in general to the point where he has seen the natural psychic stuff in action that way. I believe his mars in scorpio is also in his third house which could explain the astral connection there. My mars in aries is in my third house. That can also be a psychic indicator cuz of the house it is in. The unvaccinated and those who wish to remain unvaccinated are going through a lot of stuff emotionally with htings like communication in general. That is a good thing to keep in mind, especially if you are not going through this yourself.

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