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Reveal for what is a message meant to find you from your ancestor by Maggie

Having issuse with the video still on here with the phone. But, I will get that figured out at some point soon. So, I thought I would do this one written out for y'all.

What is a message meant to find you from your ancestor?

pile 1: you are a very firey and passionate person. Your ancestor would like you to be really aware of messages in your dreams at this point in time. It could also be something that the two of you might have shared when they were alive that finds you in the dream seemingly spontaneously. You are also being encouraged to be aware of possible jealous types that might be around and to just use whatever caution you might need to use around them at this time. That might also be one of the things revealed in dreams as well so, pay attention closely to that type of thing please.

I think one of the main reasons why I wanted to get this up by bedtime tonight instead of in the morning was cuz of this particular pile and the message in it about dreams. Plus, it is that natural Taurus energy about that type of thing with being timely.

Pile 2: You have the survival instincts but are just not feeling very loveaable at the moment and are just kind of ina bah humbug state of mind at the moment. You have some jealous types around ou to just be mindful of that energy would be helpful in your boundary setting and self defense type things. It would be a wonderful idea at this point in time when you can to do your best to get out to nature without your cell phone or distractions and just meditate and see what messages you gain from that could be one of the most helpful things for you at the moment to do for yourself. Sometimes, you just need to clear your head and that type of thing can be a best way to do that.

Pile 3: You are feeling some kind of creative block possibly at this point in time. It would be an excellent idea for you to tap into your natural intuition and keep in mind that sometimes things are not as they seem. Also, your ancestor would possibly like to thank you ifyou made recent offerings to them. If you haven't done so, it would be a good idea to make some kind of ancestral offering that would have been very meaningful to them in life is the best type of offering.

I am getting prepared for doing these video style in narrative. So, that is why the shift in style with the piles.

I should hopefully be able to have a video up on here by toorrow at some point. figuring out how to save those on the computer and it is kind of tricky. The phone I have is kind of android style almost. It is still an iphone though.


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