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New moon in Libra October 6, 2021 all 12 signs

This is a spiritual collective reading for all 12 signs s concentrate on your sun sign, your moon sign and youer rising sign if you know them and look them up in the descriptions on here. Or if you just want to work with your sun sign you can do that as well. The deck I worked with for this is the gilded reverie lenormand. Somtimes, just lenormand cards alone can pack quite a punch.

As with all my readings, this is a spirituaal collective reading so please, take what resonates with you ad leave what does not.


Something might be appearing to be causing some blocks and it might mean that you might have to think about possibly cutting back on some bad habit of some kind. But it is a thing that you need to do some more looking in on in detail before any major choices are made.


You might be feeling like it is your cross to bear and woe is me about having to give something up (for me, personally, this is about dairy ):) It is one of those things that you just know you need to do though. Tonight, I am trying the vegan cheddar an dparmesean in some cheese grits with earth balance non soy spread and salt and pepper. Pretty tasty! It's a southern chick thing.


The time has come to make some choices about some folks.


You are at a place where you need to stand on your own about something. Why am I getting the feeling that this is about some kind of sleep schedule thing and having it clash with household members possibly. You compromise though bout what is best for everybody.


Sometimes, being as grounded as you can can be the best prevention of any blocks that might be out there.


It isn't what it seems. Please keep this in mind before putting anything to rest. It might be a household/roomate type thing.


It is one of those times when you are needing to pick and choose what batles are evn worth your energy cuz it is all jsust so confusing it feels like a maze.


It is just really confusing energy at the moment and you do feel that you are standing majorly on your own about something and are having some trouble deciding which way to go due to a lot of the current energy.


You might get some news that might have you feeling like you are ready to go from point a to point b or possibly burn soe bridges. Not sure but it could have some different vibes depending on which energy you have with this.


You might be getting some news that might make it difficult to sleep cuz if they did it before theywill do it again type of energy. Try to maintain vitality and not lose sleep over it too much.


Do your best to stay as grounded as you cna and try to not whip youurself too hard over some dynmics with a female.


stay true to what is important to your heart and you will feel like you hit a lucky streak. Do your best to maintain vitality though with sleep schedule. That can have mushc more emphasis on energy than folks might think.


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