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Mercury retrograde card reading all 12 signs

Mercury is in retrograde september 27, 2021 to October 17, 2021

As with all my readings, take what resonates with you and leave what does not. This is a geneal spiritual collective reading.

Please concentrate on your sun, moon an drising signs and look them up in this reading, or just your sun sign if that is all you know.

The lenormand cards part of the readings, the number in parentheses is the number of lenormand card it is and the number outside parentheses is the number the cadrd is in the line of five.

The decks I worked with for this are: Spirit Animal Oracle, Hanson-Roberts Tarot, Blackmoon astrology cards, smoky mountain playing cards, gilded reverie lenormand. Numerology guidance cards, smoky mountain playing cards.Any decks I use, please get your copy of them through amazons main site and not through any individual seller anywhere. Thanks in advance for your understanding. This announcemenyt helps to prevent spam.


Electric eel, 93, canary, 67, black moon astrology card fire element, knight of swords, six of wands, 4 of swords, playing card 2 of spades.

It really is all about mindset a lot of the time, and trying to keep yuor mindset as positive as you can throughout the challenegs. You might wanna thik things through like physical activity that might be new to you a bit analytically though and assess things from there. It s=does show some indecision and hesitancy but also possible success rate as well as long as proper caution is taken in the duration.


1 (13) 2 (20) 3 (40) 4 (37) 5 (36)

It might just be a really confusing time for you in general, not knowing whether to trust doctors or what but, in general, unless they are pushing something on you, their advice is usually pretty sound. But still, be as objective and defensive as you need to be with your shielding though. Cuz it does show some childish type energy (as well as social politics type stuff) as well as just being at a crossroads with it, possibly thinking of switching providers who might actually listen to you rather than pushing whatever on you. So, do your research on which options you might have available to you realistically and go from there before doing anything that cannot be reversed.


Dove, 14, Electric eel, 16, Blackmoon astrology card grand cross, 10 of swords, 7 of cups, The world, The joker.

You are going through some kind of processa of having something in moderation. It is jind of like a rebirth type of a feeling in the process so please, do your best to be compassionate with yourself at this point in time as well as others. Withdrawl symptoms can make one very cranky so please, be mindful of this to be as gentle as you can adround others at this point in time. You might be kind of overwhelmed with one type of energy in general within your birth chart at this point in time.. Try to not let it beat you up too much even though it can be very confusing dudring mercury retrograde in general. Try to have an ancestor meditation if you have not connected with your ancestorws much recently, chances are there is at least one that would be of a great help to you during the meditation that you were close to in life. Joker cards I associate with ancestral energy and protection. Might be an ancestor who struggled with similar isssues that could be the bisggest help to you through this.


1 (11) 2 (34) 3 (33) 4 (44) 5 (37)

It does show you are at a point when you are ready for some kind of action but, yuo need to do a bit more research first. Try to not be too tough on people or on your self as you do your research and look around for options for yourself that are realistic.


Scarab, 66, Dove, 85, Blackmoon astrology card Cancer, 9 of pentacles, 7 of wands, page of swords, The Joker

It is one of those things that you are focusing on healing of yourself fully and you do need to try and be as gentle with yourself throughout this process as much as you can and follow your dreams as best you can (even if you might need to do this a bit more quietly at times due to censodrship type things) This also has to do with feeling the need for green living as well. It does show that you are a bit worn out but, to please think of messages you might get analytically. Maybe an ancestor meditation would do you good at this point in time.


1 (33) 2 (20) 3 (16) 4 (17) 5 (28)

Do your best to follow your intuition about some groupthik type energies. It does show some possible new beginning energy with a male of some type. Not sure what type of beginning but, it does not seem like anything too negative however, there might be some annoyance factors based on cards in this spread so please, use caution with this.


Elephant, 99, Crow, 55, Capricorn, Justice, 10 of wands, The Star, 8 of spades

Do your best to have some compassion on yourself at this time. If you overdid it a bit on an adventure and need to recharge cuz of that, please do so. Having compassion on yourself is a must as well as on others. You are feeling beat up and oh woe is me and a bit trapped when, in actuality, you probably just need to drecharge and rest yourself up to get your mind and spirits right again.


1 (24) 2(13) 3 (19) 4 (9) 5 (7)

Yes, you are at a point when you just need to stand on your own about something but, try to not have the, "I stand alone beacuse I know I am right" type attitude about it cuz that can have some childish elements to it at times. Sometimes, you get the sage to sage the negative energy out of the room and yuo don't realize you adre the negative energy that needs to be worked on. That is an over all vibe I get from this spread so please, do your best to realistically look at the situation and be willing to know that you might be the one who needs saging.


Rabbit, 37, White Raven, 22 Fourth house, Judgment, Tower, Queen of wands, nine of diamonds.

Some possible good luck at communication but please, work with your intuition on this and do your best to be as authentic at this time as your possibly can (as safely as you can) It is a time of extreme change in general that just has an all around intense feeling about it. But, if you are authentic enough though, some possible very good luck is to be had at this time.


1 (12) 2 (42) 3 (13) 4 (11) 5 (21)

Due to some very childish energy and behavior, you are really annoyed and at a point when you are trying to decide which didretcion to go with things. Do your best to not be too tough on yourself at this point in time, despite the blocked feeling that you might have about whatever situation this is.


Moth, 14, Bear, 16, Blackmoon astrology card Aquarius, Knight of cups, Queen of swords, 4 of swords, 4 of spades

You are going through some kind of a rebirth and need to work with moderation in something. Perhaps cutting back on something you once enjoyed but you know is not good for you foodwise or beverage wise type of thing. It is a thing that you have a lot of emotion about and some analytical approach to it would be a lot of good for you at this point in time. It does show some You might need to be a bit more hermit like at this point in tume as you go through these withdrawls if that is what is appening with you or if you are feeling cranky in general.


1 (38) 2 (37) 3 (2) 4 (42) 5 (6)

You might be having some good luck at some decision making or something that has been kind of confusing for you but you just know you have to make some kind of decision about it soon. Possibly some bridges might need to be burned, even if it is the bridge of the old habit, in the process, depending on the situation and the intensity of it.


Fox, 66, peacock, 3, Blackmoon astrology card Pisces, 4 of wands, The Chariot, Queen of swords, 2 of spades

You are gonna have to go through some healing creatively cuz there are some elements that are just not allowing the voice to flow through. Do your best to work with your intuition on this as best as you can. You are having some difficulties making some choices but, some analytical thinking can help you move in the right direction in this process.


1 (13) 2 (11) 3 (10) 4 (30) 5 (29)

You are at a point in time when you are thinking of reducing something Possibly due to some childish behavior but please, do not be too tough on yourself as you make choices you need to make at this point in time cuz it is one of those things where if they did it before , they will do it again. Possibly the energy in this might be a female.


Peacock, 77, Koala, 41, Blackmoon astrology card 12th house, ace of swords, 10 of swords, page of cups, 4 of spades.

Please, do your best to nmaintain energetic balance at this point in time an dto not speak too fast, too soon or too loudly rather, reserve it for correct timing and way of speaking. It might require some self discipline of you on your part to do this but, try to focus a bit on spirituality to help you through it. It might be feeling like everyone is against you and you might be feeling kind of beat up about something that you care about but others do not exactly understand. Be a bit hermit like if you need to in order to recharge a bit.


1 (22) 2 (30) 3 (37) 4 (43) 5 (6)

You are definitely feeling you are at a deadline on something. At a crossroads because if they did it before, they will do it again type of thing that just has you confused about how and when to even act on your decision.


Eagle, 55, Dolphin, 71, Blackmoon astrology card Sun, Queen of wands, ace of pentacles, 8 of pentacles, playing card 10 of diamonds

A bit of leadership is needed at this time but, you might have to go about that creatively. An adventure of sorts but health does need to be taken into consideration so you do not overdo it. Focus on vitality is a must at this point. It is a thing you have been working on though and does look like a possible good thing for you to think about.


1 (31) 2 (27) 3 (18) 4 (38) 5 (11)

It is one of those things that you are gonna need to be loyal with yourself on. for sure though, do not let communications over it make you lose sleep. Do not be too tough on yourself at this point in time as you cross bridges you might need to cross.


Lizard, 93, Rabbit, 63, Third House, 5 of cups, king of pentacles, the magician, 9 of spades

Try to not be in such a hurry to get somewhere. You are possily having some good luck at this, even though you kind of do need to parent yourself a bit in this process. You might be getting some kind of third eye type messages at this point in time and it would be good to be aware an dpay attention. Some possible sadness over some possible business things that might not have worked out have left you feeling kind of anxious and nervous in mind.


1 (32) 2 (12) 3 (31) 4 (12) 5 (14)

both birds cadrds showed up in this spread. as well as both sun and moon. Please, do your best to not let things annoy you so bad you lose sleep over them even though jealousies can be annoying as well as folks who just need to do their own shadow work on themselves.


Rabbit, 78, Armadillo, 13, Blackmoon astrology card Yod. King of cups. Judgment, the moon, Queen of clubs.

It is for sure like you do have a special mission or destiny in life and to try to keep guarded as best you can during some crazy energies that might be deceptive in nature. It is something you do care about and it does show good luck with rabbit energy and queen of clubs.


1 (10) 2 (21) 3 (29) 4 (29) 5 (36)

both female cards showed up in this spread. there are two 29 cards in this deck meaning a female presence of some sort is most likely a part of this energy. Do your best to not feel so blocked at this time and know that a large part of that is you deciding to not feel blocked more than anything else. It might be one of those things though that you feel that you have a cross to bear with whatever it is so....do your meditating on it cuz it looks like something that is one of those things that needs meditation and contemplation beyond wat any card reading can say, that only you know what to do in the end.


Armadillo, 55, antelope, 71, blackmoon astrology card Sun, 10 of swords, king of wands, king of pentacles, 4 of spades

Be as guarded as you need to be at this point in time. Possibly an adventure of sorts but plese also, be as aware of your surroundings as you can as well. cuz it is one of those things that can be helpful for the good of your health. You might be feeling beat up over some type of workplace or financial type losses. Sometimes, you do just need to do the hermit thing to help you recharge a bit.


1 (15) 2 (20) 3 (31) 4 (27) 5 (10)

Sometimes, for the good of your own vitality, you need to spend less time in certain social politics sityations or settings and t try to not get too beat up over communications. It might be one of those things where you need to just spend less time online is the vibe I am getting more than anything else in this spread.


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