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Mercury in Taurus in my fifth house vibes

One thing I am gonna try this week is Life-flo vitamin A oil (iHerb site has a great price for it and it looks fabulous to use daily. I will probably put that on at night. I do sweet almond oil otherwise morning and night as my face oil.) I also picked up some royal jelly cream too that did not have a bad price on it. It is a thinng I have been mea ing to get more into for health benefits in general. Royal jelly. It was under ten bucks at Wal Mart Probably will do that at night as well. I will say more about what brand it as after I work with it a bit if I like it or what. I gotta think about that more though but, most likely. I am still thinking about the mad hippie vitamin a serum though but, that seems like it isn't an every day type thing. Just some mercury in taurus tye thoughts. Just cuz I give someone a shout out doesn't mean anything other than that.


What I usually say about myself and this site still stands. I have no sister, annex or affiliate wix of any kind. My stance on wishing t remain unvaccinated will never shift due to health sensitivity issues. That is a persons personal choice. I am not on social media in any way and I am not a part of anyonee= else's in any way. I have no siste, annex or affiliate social media pages or people anywhere on any platform or through any person. I am not on youtube or patreon in any way and Ia m not a part of anyone else's in any way. I have no sister, annex or affiliate channels or people anywhere ona ny platform or through any person. I always have been. always will be and am the only admin, author and content creator of all my blogs sites and emails in their entirety I am not a part of anything other than what I freuqnetlyy say. The only way to contact me is through the contact info I give on here frequently. My preferreed email is always maggie1099@yahoo.com. That is where I prefer folks to email me. My other email is maggieh783@gmail.com. the hstands for Maggie Honey cuz that is my google account name and it doesn't stand for anything other than that. I have no sister, amnnex or affiliate email or google account and I am not a part of nything other than what I frequently say. Please contact me at my yahoo email cuz gmail and google have sucha censorship vibe about them that I avoid them completely. I have never had any kind of any spokesperson. No one has ever had any permission to speak for me in any way,

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