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Lion's Gate Portal reading for all 12 signs

This is a reading ofr all 12 ssigns for the Lion's Gate Portal energy to be mindful of. Please, concentrate on your sun, moon and rising sign (if yo know it, or just your sun sign is okay as well. I wanted to amp it up a bit for Lion's Gate a bit more than my usual but, I am pondering making this more my normal way of going about all 12 signs) The decks I used for this are the Spirit Animal Oracle and the Numerology Guidance cards.

Aries: Giraffe, 44, Turkey, 54

Mindset can be everything at times. Do your best to see the big picture from all angles as best you can and try to focus on your environment in general, paying attention to mother earth. Also having a thankful attitude and mindset is always a good thing to keep in mind as well. Regardless of how you might be feeling at the moment, if you are grumbling about something.

Taurus: Deer, 44, Hawk, 77

Yes, you might be a bit on the defensive and protectiv side at the moment but, doing your best to focus on mother earth and trying to be as gentle as you can in general is one of the things that can be of help to you to help you get the mindset of freedom in general.

Gemini: Canary, 96, Panther, 74

You are at a point when it would be helpful to you to really pay attention to how you come across to folks in communication with tone and everything. You just might feel a bit defensive at the moment. Perhaps a tone you might find helpful might be to come at expressing certain things from a teaching from personal experience point of view to help other possibly see eye to eye a bit more might be of help in this situation.

Cancer: Koala, 93, Dolphin, 37

It is one of those times whenyou are most definitely intuitive in dreams especially possible at this time. Please, do your best to be encouraging of others creativity at this time. You might have to be abl=it creative with communication as well as abit independent minded in general at this point in time.

Leo: Dolphin, 16, Electric Eel, 3

You might need to get a bit creative with communication at this point in time. Do your best to solve any problems with as logical solution as you possibly can. Sometimes, the most of what is required is paticence for things to fall into place. It is all about creative expression at this point in time as well.

Libra: Cat, 8, Parrot, 13

You might be feeling a bit walking on eggshells or tiptoe around something. Do your best to know you are strong inside and that it really does a world of good to keep in mind to know your own limitations with your talents and to not overstep yourself in that ability. Cuz that type of thing can help you be a bit more secure in future in general.

Virgo: Bat, 33, Seahorse, 41

Doing your best to let go of fear as best you can at this point in time and embrace that intense inner knowing that you know is present will be extremely good for you, currently. Please, do your best to try to see all sides of the situation and it might be good to keep in mind that you might need to be a bit independent in this.

Sagittarius: Groundhog, 27, koala, 78

You most definitely have defined boundaries and have no problem communicating them to friends. You are naturally kindhearted but, need to have your boudaries about this most certainly or folks can tend to walk all over you if you let them. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. You are most definitely intuitive in many ways. Overall though, things are most likely very harmonious. Possibly even to the point of taking it on the spiritual career type level of things.

Scorpio: Squirrel, 29, snake, 41

Multitask as best you can at this point and, try to be dimplomatic as you can despite the fact that there are quite a few shady folks out there and snakes in the grass. Be as individual as you can at this point in time and having an individual mindset can be extremely helpful to you at this point in time. Do not follow the crowd at this point in time.

Aquarius: Giraffe, 33 Squirrel, 56

Do your best to try to rise above at this point in time, Yes, do the best you can to speak your truth and have the courage to do so. Even though ou might feel like you are scrambling a bit in doing so. Mult tasking here and there and trying not to lose your mind in the process. Possible relationship dynamic shift is occuring now as well which can be part of the sense of just overwhelming energy at this time.

Pisces: Lion, 27, Owl, 46

Strength is very much there. There is possibly a spiritual partnership of sorts most likely about to happen for you in some way. It is a good idea at times like these cuz of the potential intensity to keep as independent as a mindset as you can also cuz you never know what ethics this person might have till you get to know them a bit better in general so please, tread carefully. It is a good time of peace for you though, overall in home life.

Capricorn: Wombat, 61, Stag, 87

feel good in your own skin, or at least do your best to do so at this time to the best of your ability. You are at a time where it is just good to really focus on self live at this point in time. It is one of those things that can help you estabish an energy of dignity and grace in general that is just much needed for you right now. Things like this can just help you to be more organized and prosperous overall if you keep them in mind an ddo not lose sight of the thought.


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