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Full Moon in Pisces card reading all 12 signs

This is for the full moon in pisces coming up on September 20, 2021 for all 12 signs. Concentrate on your sun, moon and rising sign if you know them and look them up in this note. Or, if you just know your sun sign you cna do that if you prefer. But, to get a fuller scope in general it is best to look up youur sun, moon and rising signs. As with all my reads, this is a spiritual collective reading so please, take what resonates with you and leave wjat does not. For some really good astrology notes on it ook up the Astrology King note on this full moon in pisces. just cuz I give someone a shout out doesnt mean anything other than that. I love how detailed he is on all his notes in general withoit sounding too complicated about it so you can follow along if you do not know that much attrology lingo.


There is a lot of social polotics type energy in general right now but please, be mindful of your own iner strength and that you adre a lot stronger than you think you might be.


You need to do your best to try to not get urnout if you can help it. Yes, focus on what is important to you but if you focus too much on heartbreaking frustrations that are so front and center right now in general, that could be the very thing that causes burnout for you, dear Taurus! So......you might wanan do the Tasurus thang and go inward for strength at this point in time. Focusing on personal space in general that no one else can touch or have access to,


There is justa lot of emotion right now in general and you have todo your best you can to pick and choose what battles re worth any of your energy in general. Some things are just better to keep in the past if ou can help it cuz it doesn't do anyone any good to have that level of furstration.


You might just be reevaluating your own attitudes on things and value in general and might be coming to some completions about some things that have been probably kind of annoying for you to decide about in general. There is a lot of dfreedom in t when you htink about how mudch of things have to do in your own attitude about something in general.


You might be going through some kind of frustrating type period that is on the verge of completion. At this point in time, it would be wse to go within as best as you can and ride this period out inwardly as much as you can cuz the frustrations are not as front ad center, however annoying they might be.


Sometimes, really truly, it is time to come to the relization that one thing that can help keep you from just feeling absolute burnout is to try to do your best to find joy in the little things in life that money cannoy buy or even come close to buying. You are just absolutely worn out about a ot of things emotionally at the moment.


It is a matter of keeping to your ethics more than anything else what might be having you feel blocked at this point in time. Do your bet to stand your ground even if it is not the most popular view. Stay true to your ethics and your heart.


Sometimes, you just have to know the difference between shit and shinola in a persons actions in general. Often times, actions will show that they are snake in the grass before words even come close to doing so so please, pay attention for your own protection of your energy in general. Especially hen it comes to things like professionalism reputation in general, etc.


It is one of those times when you just need to go within to make some decisions about which way to go with something cuz deep down, only you know the answer to that. So, being mindful of this can be extremely helpfu to you at this point in time no matter how difficult that might be at the moment. You got this!


Dear, Libra: try to be as calm as you can at this point, please. No matter how tricky it might be at the moment. LOTS of emotions in general but please do your best to think more with your head than your heart at this point in time.


You are having some diffficulty in making a decision possibly about cutting something out of your routine in general and this is a thing that is causing some anxiety for you but will probably be better for you in the long ru n like less sugar, etc. Thinking logically as you can in this situation cna help curb anxieties you might be having about withrawl type issues in general.


It would be ise possibly to think logically about some possible feelings you might be catching for someone and please think a bit logically if it might be a trauma bond type of a connection and please be realistic with yourself about this as far as which way you decide to go with it. Only you can make that choice about what is for you.


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