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Aquarius full moon (August 22) reading for all 12 signs

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

All 12 signs reading for the upcoming aquarius full moon. concentrate on your sun, moon and rising sign if you know them or just your sun sign is okay if that is all you know currently. The cards I worked with for this are the spirit animal oracle, numerology guidance cards and smoky mountain playing cards.

I will do the pick a card post on here for today tonight on here only at some point. Having some connection issues with photo. Given the current censorship energy, it's not a shock that stuff like this is probably happening everywhere. Especially with folks that are being targeted for censorship on whatever level, no matter how small. It is annoying as can be and good vibes are apreciated at this time in general. I am glda that I did the aquarius full moon card forecast for all 12 signs though so folks can meditate on it as the full moon approaches.


Deer, 6, Dove, 87, playing card five of hearts

You might be possibly going through some sadness in regards to family (either blood or marital) At this time, it is wise to have as peaceful aproach as possible to be able to come to the best conclusions. The tensions might be that thick where this is the only option.


Lizard, 66, starfish, 46, 4 of diamonds playing card

Never doubt, things will get better! You It is one of those times where it is best to focus on goals that will sustain in to the future rataher than getting frustrated at the current energies in general. Do your best to see the bigger picture and focus on the long term. You might need to just be a bit selfish with your energy or finances at this time an dtighten the purse strings and/or set boundares that need to be set for personal space, etc. Or both. Cuz they very well might go hand in hand.


Armadillo, 41, Giraffe, 71 jack of diamonds playing card

You might need to set some boundaries with some possible shadiness possibly an employee type situation where they might be being kind of crooked intentionally or unintentionally. Boundaries most definitely do need to be set. It is very much a heads up about business type things and keeping your defenses up on that in general. Do your best to rise fully above and see the situation as if from above looking down on it like a scene from a movie as an audience member.


wombat, 66, seahorse, 32 playing card king of spades

You might be encountering a shifty type of a man of bad energy in general. One of those type of things that even though you know this person is not a good influence, you keep putting up with them. The answer is quite simple. Do your absolute best to feel good in your own skin (possibly enough to just not be as affected by the king of spades energy) do your best to see things from all angles as best you can for complete clarity in the situation to help you decide where you go from there.


Fox, 3, White raven, 44 playing card 5 of hearts

You might be having some jealous types around at this point in time. It is best that you be as authentic at this time as possible. Very much the energy of possibly feeling out something related to business, possibly some kind of disappointment. Maybe even something related to business itself where you felt possibly betrayed in some way.


Dolphin, 81, crow, 27, 5 of hearts playing card

You ight eed to be a bit creative about communication. Do your best to follow your intuition on that at this time as to which would be the most constructive route to take with that. It is possibly one of those things that you might be communicating possaaibly with someone who there might have been some hurt feelings with. It might have been a situation where there was a lack of tolerance of some kind possibly. and the number 27 confirms this type of thing. If the situation wasn't about this, it is a sign that tolerance and compassion is needed in general at this time. To step outside of where you might feel broken hearted and try to have compassion and tolerance for all involved.


Peacock, 57, pig, 26 playing card king of clubs

It might be a time that you might need to speak up somehow (however creative you might need to be about this at the moment due to sensitivities) cuz you might have just pcked up on some kind of shady energy in general that uou might need to clear the air about somehow. It might be a situation possibly where you might need to confront someone about being a better team player, especially if it is an employee type situation. Do so tactfully if this is the case, you know.....take them aside and talk to them prvately instead of full blast publicly. But, you're a libra and that type of compassion s what you are about anyways. So, you got it!


Panther, 33, Peacock, 88, playing card 6 of diamonds playing card

You might be on the defensive about somehing from the past that you might be feeling the need tp feel a bit vocal about. Bur, be wise as you can about this and tread as lightly as needed with as much caution as needed cuz it most likely is still a very sensitive type situation. Analytical approach is advised.


Antelope, 81, cat, 88 king of clubs playing card

You need to do your best to pay attention to all your surroundings at this point in time andn just use caution in areas of safety. Analytical approach is advised in possibly a business situation. And yes, most deffinitely possibly either a business type thing or self sufficiency tye thing.


Panther, 33, Koala, 56, Playing card 9 of diamonds

You might be going through some defensiveness within blood or marital family at this point in time. Do your best to pay attention to your dreams and take notes cuz they might be able to help you out in future. It will get better but, it is just one of those time periods where patience might be needed to get to the getting better poinnt.


Ant, 56, Flamingo, 77 playing card six of diamonds

It is one of those things when you are just kind of tired about the social dynnamic and group think in general. Possibly the energy has to do with some type of nostalgia or nostalgia dynamic. It is a time for you to be as individual as you can.


Wasp, 5, Dolphin, 27, playing card 2 of clubs

Yes, you will be successful at something and it would be wise to remember, the only thing constant is change and this type of thing seems like it is one of those short term type sotuations. It is a thing about being compassionate in friendship at this point in time is very important.


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